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1993 marked the beginning of the sustainable development of the DAVOSA brand. 1993 was also the year in which Hasler & Co S.A. began cooperating with watch distributor, Bohle GmbH, who has been active in the German market since the 1960s.

The mechanical watch was already experiencing something of a renaissance in Germany, where a high-quality, limited collection of mechanical timepieces under the brand name DAVOSA was a resounding success. Watch retailers and watch aficionados alike appreciated the combination of superior workmanship, high mechanical precision and a contemporary design that is classic enough to endure. The success of this first collection prompted further successful series and the cooperation between Hasler & Co. SA and Bohle GmbH became ever closer over the years.

In 2000, Corinna Bohle took over responsibility for strategic brand development, and both marketing and distribution are now managed from Germany. The contours of the characteristic DAVOSA design were further honed and brand quality was optimised through the acquisition of new specialist suppliers. One result of this repositioning was the production of the first limited series, the DAVOSA Panamericana, in 2002 – a particular milestone in the brand's history. The entire series can now be found in the portfolios of private watch collectors.

Today the DAVOSA brand, carried by an independent, family-run company, has a global presence and is an integral part of the mechanical watch world.