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DAMASKO watches are manufactured with a very high in-house production depth of up to 90 %. When we first started to manufacture watches under our own name in 1994, we set ourselves the goal of creating a mechanical wristwatch that is more robust, more accurate and requires less maintenance. Our journey has been marked by many groundbreaking developments: a case made of nickel-free, ice-tempered stainless steel, ultra-hard coatings, lubricant-free escapement with freely oscillating weight balance wheel and its EPS® spring, reinforced spring barrels, a DAMASKO rotor with ceramic bearings and its own high-precision calibre A35, H35 as well as the chronograph calibre DU51 are just some of the many innovations of DAMASKO, which are protected by numerous patents, utility models and registered designs. We strive to be one of the leading companies in the fields of research and implementation of new materials, processes and individual solutions in the watch industry.